October 25  Prospect 3+ - Performance and exhibition at Louisiana Art & Science Museum

Feb 2015 Foundation Gallery, New Orleans, group show & performance 


Selected Exhibitions

2013          Ochi Gallery live performance  (group show) 

2013          Open Studio Show & live performance 

2013          Swoon Gallery, Emptied Gestures (group show), Sanur, Bali

2013          CAC, (group show), WIFT, Emptied GesturesNew Orleans

2012          KB (solo), Paris, France

2008          Espacio Kubiko (solo), Madrid, Spain

2008          The Modern (group show), Boise, Idaho

2008          Studio 333 (group show), Sausalito, California

2007          Vilas Fine Art (group show), Letchworth, UK

2006          Chillin Productions (group show), San Francisco, California

2006          Strega Artist Collective (solo and group), Ketchum, Idaho

2004-11    The Open Room (solo and group), Ketchum, Idaho



2014        White Oaks Plantation mini-residency / workshop

2014        The Luna Series: An Exploration of Shakespeare’s Women

2009-12   Nina Dipla - student, collaborator - Paris, France

2000-04   Core Dance Theatre - co-founder, artistic director, Ketchum, ID

1996-05   Kids Theatre Project - co-founder, teacher, Ketchum, ID, Tokyo, Japan

1998-00   Saburo Teshigawara - student, Tokyo, Japan

1997         Harrupin Ha - dancer, costume designer, Kitaro tour, Tokyo, Japan

1995-00   Ma Productions - co-founder, artistic director, Tokyo, Japan

1995-00   Kazuo Ohno - student, costume and stage crew, Yokohama, Japan

1995         Tanaka Min - Body Weather Farm - student, Hakushu, Japan

1994-95   Dappin Butoh - dancer, costume designer, Seattle, WA

1994-95   Seattle Repertory Theatre - costume dept. intern, Seattle, WA

1993         Moving Image Theatre - student director, TESC, Olympia, WA