CELL A kinetic drawing installation and VR experience set to release this summer by Heather Hansen & Diogo de Lima.

Produced byPrometheusVR

Music by Port St Willow "Motion"

Isidore Newman School Andrew Elkins Day w/ artist in residence Heather Hansen

Emptied Gestures series by Heather Hansen: heatherhansen.net
Film by Bryan Tarnowski: bryantarnowski.com
Music by Louque: dustanlouque.com

순백의 종이 위의 검은춤사위- 비주얼 아티스트 헤더 한센 Heather Hansen, a visual artist who has opened up a new realm of art Heather Hansen is an artist who creates paintings using a one-of-a-kind brush. Dancing across the canvas with her entire body to draw, she is regarded as a "visual artist."

Heather Hansen - NYC Seaport District Hosted by Prospect Creative & Ochi Gallery film by Eduardo Alcivar http://www.nataspictures.com Special Thanks to Pauli Ochi, and Brennan Manuel photo by Nicole Ripka

RITE Premiering 11.19.16 at Port, New Orleans

film by Heather Hansen

Cinematography, editing by Zac Manuel

Music by Igor Stravinsky, Rite of Spring

Emptied Gestures series by Heather Hansen - http://heatherhansen.net Film by Bryan Tarnowski - http://bryantarnowski.com Musical score by Jesse Clasen - https://soundcloud.com/thebearromantic

Workshop for Jacksonville University MFA dancers at White Oak

artist HEATHER HANSEN director, editor ZAC MANUEL producer LULULEMON STEVEN ADAMS camera ALEX JARAMILLO MYLES JAY MICHAEL TOLEDO location Wynwood Walls, Miami heatherhansen.net thegreenhousecollective.com buffalo8.com

Emptied Gestures - New Orleans Studio

Film by Bryan Tarnowski: bryantarnowski.com
Music by Nick Principe of Port St. Willow: portstwillow.com

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Live Performance at Ochi Gallery ochigallery.com
The Value of a Line - group show. Dec. 31, 2013
Videography - Spencer Hansen - spencerhansen.net
Editing - Zac Manuel - thegreenhousecollective.com

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